"e-CRIME or Cyber Bullying is a 21st Century problem of epic proportion without a 21st Century solution"

Christine Pratt - National Bullying Helpline

National Policing Lead for ACPO Communication Advisory Group Chief Constable Andy Trotter said:

“People may think they can remain anonymous when they are online, that they can hide, say and do things they wouldn’t dream of doing in real life without consequences or being found out; this is not the case.


“Reports of credible threats and communications made over social media that specifically target an individual and constitute harassment will be taken very seriously by the police and investigated.  Please call your local police force on 101 if you think you are being harassed or threatened online.”

We are delighted to welcome Chelsee Healey

as the Ambassador of eCRIME-action.

Chelsee has been cyber bullied – she therefore has personal insight regarding
the devastating affects bullying-on-line can have.
By becoming our Ambassador Chelsee is making a national stand against
on-line-abuse.  She is a role model – a hugely successful and talented artist in
her own right.  We hope others will take a leaf out of her book and join Chelsee
and ourselves as we strive for a safer world on the internet.

Welcome to this eCRIME site

This website is presented to help you, ADULTS and CHILDREN alike, with any form of on-line or technology-driven antisocial behaviour (commonly referred to as cyber bullying). Whatever your age or background we hope to provide you with useful tips, common-sense approaches, advice and practical information regarding cyber crime.


For the vulnerable, this may prove to be a life-line.


If you are receiving death threats or at risk of self-harm, or harm from another person due to cyber related crime, you should dial 101.  The Police in your community will, of course, take each case on merit and act accordingly.  Alternatively, go to our SUPPORT page for a list of organisations that may be able to help you.

Anti bullying week 2016

What can be done to prevent bullying in schools

As with every annual Ban Bullying week bullying charities sees a significant increase in calls due to media coverage. This gives us all the opportunity to raise awareness and think about how we can put a stop to bullying.


Christine Pratt of The National Bullying Helpline has written an excellent article with some great ideas on how the government can do more to help crack down on bullying in schools.


Please find a link below to the article.

At eCRIME our objectives are simple and clear

This site is a portal, a directory of sorts. We hope that this eCRIME-action website will; give the public ‘choice’ in terms of help-lines, guidance and expertise available to take pressure off the Police & emergency services, enabling them to focus on life-threatening / urgent eCRIME cases take pressure off charities & voluntary organisations working in this area of cyber safety ensure society is kept informed of practical options and solutions, and ensure the UK general public get any urgent help they need, when they need it most


Here you will find;

Guidance for CHILDREN.

Advice for PARENTS.

Guidelines to help EMPLOYERS.

Legal Expertise.

Technical Expertise.

Helpline Details.

Emergency Contact Details.

Practical and Informative Guidance.

Whether you are a PARENT, a CHILD, a member of the COMMUNITY, an EMPLOYER, a CHARITY / VOLUNTARY ORGANISATION or an EXPERT providing services in this complex area of eCRIME, there is something on this site for you.

Help Us. Help You. Help Others.



To Joanna in Northumberland who completed the Great North Run on 15 September 2013 and raised £1,000 (put towards  IT support relating to the launch of this site).

To Grant A Wish who donated funding towards the development and launch of this site.


We would like to thank the Wiltshire Council and  Young Commissioners group for letting us show the video they created as part of their response to Wiltshire’s Anti-bullying Strategy

Thank you to Strutt Central for letting us share their powerful message about the cyber bullying Virus.


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