"e-CRIME is a 21st Century problem of epic proportion without a 21st Century solution"

Christine Pratt - National Bullying Helpline

National Policing Lead for ACPO Communication Advisory Group Chief Constable Andy Trotter said:

“People may think they can remain anonymous when they are online, that they can hide, say and do things they wouldn’t dream of doing in real life without consequences or being found out; this is not the case.


“Reports of credible threats and communications made over social media that specifically target an individual and constitute harassment will be taken very seriously by the police and investigated.  Please call your local police force on 101 if you think you are being harassed or threatened online.”

21st Century Technology

Protect your children online

Bullying Protection Software

Heads Up is software that strikes at the heart of Bullying and Cyber Bullying on a worldwide basis. It is non-denominational, does not transgress any religious principles and is based on a Trust Bridge approach.


The intention of Heads Up is to help protect children from predators looking to change the motivational direction of the child’s mind.


Of course the main aim is to protect a child from the growing nuisance of sexual predators, groomers etc, who are currently able to expand their operations through Social Media almost unhindered by the Law.


Heads Up merely sends an Alert to a child’s parent informing them of undesirable approaches, or generated, so that they can take appropriate action. So many young people have taken their own lives and their parents knew absolutely nothing about the problem.

This has got to Stop – the sooner the better.

To get into a little more detail falls into three areas:

The Child, The Parent and The School.

The Child.

Heads Up will stop this by sending an Alert to the parents so that they become aware immediately that an undesirable approach has been made to their child.


Alerts can be video or Plain text.


We want parents to be talk to their kids about Alerts in a “we got your back” kind of way, rather than a “we are looking over your shoulder” way. We want to establish a Trust Bridge between Child and Parent.

The Parent

Parents can now be sure that they will know if their child is anxious due to an improper approach over the internet. Whilst snooping is not appropriate Alerts can also be used when a child is anxious for any other reason if it is reflected in a posting the child makes.

The School

Benefits for Schools:

 • Strengthen the schools Duty of Care

 • Reduce the resource time spent on the fallout from Cyber Bullying

 • Practical Social Media education for children by parents.

 • Almost zero work for the school.

 • Potentially facilitate better average grades.

 • Realistic strengthened school inspection outcomes.

 • Very positive PR for the school.

 • Revenue Share Option for the school.

Protect your children

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